Life began as it always had, with a beginning. The beginning was supposed to have an ending but I altered the storyline. I inserted a montage that looped eternally. This is the loop, but it might not appear to be looping to you because you aren’t keyed into the potential. You might sense the potential but you aren’t keyed into it. Once you are fully keyed in, you’ll experience the loop.

The loop may or may not exist. Its existence isn’t important. What is important is the sense of the loop, the feeling that a loop might be a good idea, or even a not so bad idea, an idea whose time might be coming one of these days, if by days we mean years, which frankly turn into decades when you stop to think about it.

I have not found what someone else was looking for, someone singing about looking for something that I heard in a department store sound system. What was it? Clothes, tools, greeting cards, vacuum cleaners? I actually don’t understand why people look for things. They look for things on the internet, on the TV, in churches, in books, in music, in art. There is nothing to be found anywhere. It’s all a loop, which may or may not exist.


(Those are Dennis Hopper’s eyes taken from a scene near the end of the film Rumble Fish by Francis Ford Coppola.)

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  1. brian null says:

    website address is my ann arbor local chaos friend wes dean. we met,wes an i, at blowout in M.E.S.S.mishawaka indiana. i posted some footage of that contest on you tube bendtownindependence .explanation of term comes from tolerating South Bend parks closer at night because of no turn out during the heat of days. we were do it yourself before d.i.y. i would be in the same place at the same time as Joe Bowers, Mike Hill, up until ’91 after that contest. so there you go. nothing from null.

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